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MyTAG provides trusted proof of presence, security, compliance and tracking solutions to safeguard people, property and assets. The technology saves time and money, replacing outdated processes with a trusted and secure cloud based solution, which cannot be copied or cloned.

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Why Abbey Business Group partnered with MyTag

With Abbey Business Group growing at a rapid rate, we decided to partner with MyTAG, a company specialising in trusted technology for a range of security, compliance, proof of presence and tracking solutions.

We identified MyTAG as a partner because of it’s innovative approach utilising new technologies, which can be used for a wide range of industries including education, government, facility management and security. Since starting in 2012, MyTAG have over 130 buildings in London, including several of the iconic buildings such as the Shard.

With MyTAG’s passion and drive, together with Abbey Business Group’s vast existing client base, we are confident MyTAG will positively benefit us, our clients, and attract new prospects to the group!

Whatever industry or sector you operate within, MyTAG can be customised to meet your specific business and asset management needs.

Easily accessible, day or night, wherever you may be…

MyTAG’s unique Patent Pending technology combines Near Field Communication (NFC), Geo-Positioning (GPS) and HID Trusted Tags to meet a multitude of client needs in sectors ranging from facilities management and security to healthcare and education.


MyTAG provides a range of solutions through a cloud based platform, which combines Near Field Communication (NFC), patented Proof of Presence tags with integrated Geo-Positioning (GPS) technology.


Being Cloud based and wireless means that MyTAG does not need to be hardwired or integrated with existing systems, making it simple and inexpensive to install and operate. It is also intuitive, so users can be up and running with little training.

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Improving Efficiencies and Security

MyTAG replaces outdated and inefficient processes which rely on labour intensive/ paper based systems and controls with one simple platform. Improvements in processes and the active reduction in paper usage support ISO commitments to continuous improvement.


Real Time Management Information

The MyTAG dashboard allows you to access real time and historical information from wherever you are 24/7/365. This allows a quick response to any issues, and an instant overview of current activities. MyTAG’s use of patented Trusted Tags, combined with NFC and GPS technology provides secure, realtime management information, verifiable proof of presence and reliable audit trails, with no risk of manipulation.

Proof of presence

Whatever industry or sector you operate within, MyTAG can be customised to meet your specific business and asset management needs.

Some of MyTAG’s existing clients

Ultimate security services Land securities Savills Connells
BNP Paribas


  • MyTAG won the Best NFC Deployment award at the RFID Journal Awards in Florida in May 2016, for its project at CityPoint. The office building in London, in conjunction with HID global, is being used to track keys, monitor patrols and manage contractors.
  • Ultimate Security won the “Innovation in Technology” award for its installation of MyTAG at the BNP Paribas real estate supplier forum for its installation of MyTAG Asset Management, Security and Compliance systems.
RFID - 2016 Winner


“MyTAG continues to offer high performing, flexible solutions for our clients and we are delighted to be working with the team.”

Paul Harvey, Board Director, Ultimate Security Services

HID - technology partner


“We have been working in partnership with MyTAG for over 18 months, providing technology innovation to many of London’s iconic buildings. MyTAG’s cloud based technology allows us to prove the presence of our security officers on patrols, provide paperless key management, and manage portable assets such as bicycles and radios. The technology has allowed us to make processes more efficient and secure, saving time and providing a transparent service overview to our clients.”

Paul Harvey, Commercial Director, Ultimate Security


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