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MyTAG won the Best NFC Deployment award at the RFID Journal Awards in Florida in May 2016, for its project at CityPoint. The office building in London, in conjunction with HID global, is being used to track keys, monitor patrols and manage contractors.

the brief

To deliver a software solution that would enable CityPoint to leverage the most current technologies and ensure an optimal environment for businesses to conduct enterprise activities, while maintaining high security standards that protect tenants, their guests, their assets as well as CityPoint’s staff and contractors.

the solution

The solution involved creating a system for CityPoint that integrates data key management, security patrol and contractor services into a single interface to deliver more accurate information in real time, tackling three of their areas of improvement that had previously been identified.

The Results/Benefits

MyTAG has significantly improved the key management process, reducing staff time previously spent manually logging and tracking keys, not to mention time and resources spent replacing lost or stolen keys. Not only can the team account for each key instantaneously looking at the MyTAG dashboard, they now have access to historical issuance and return activities to better understand which keys are in greatest demand and by whom.

The improved security patrols deliver greater peace of mind for tenants and staff, through more timely, accurate and detailed reporting. MyTAG identifies each checkpoint by name, and automatically uploads timestamp information in real time, even when an individual security guard is on patrol, the guard is constantly connected to facilities management, creating proven interactions at every checkpoint. The solution has reduced the time it takes for individual security patrols, due to the increased efficiency of digital tracking versus the previously cumbersome manual recording of checkpoints and incidents.

CityPoint has also recognised improvement in the management of their contract employee partners. More accurate, auditable time and attendance ensures CityPoint is paying only for services rendered, and contractors and ensured fair compensation for work completed. Reports detail site visits and activities, providing management insight and substantiation for contractor invoices.


“MyTAG’s solution has enhanced accuracy and efficiency across our key management, security guard patrol and contract management functions – all using a common platform.”

Lee Murray, Building Manager CityPoint